ABATE of Iowa, Inc. - District 9          Jasper, Marion, Poweshiek, Iowa Counties
"Making sure motorcyclists are seen and heard"
How does belonging to one of the nations largest motorcycle rights organizations ever to be assembled for the sole purpose of protecting the rights of motorcycle enthusiasts sound to you?
How does receiving a monthly newsletter with motorcycle events listed from across the state of Iowa and neighboring states that allow you discounts from events admissions to biker gear sound to you?
How does belonging to Iowa's largest not-for-profit motorcycle rights organization that fights for your freedoms with grassroots tactics and the desire to ride free sound to you?
How does a free $3500 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit sound to you for just being a member of ABATE of Iowa?
Will you help us help you, by becoming a member and supporting our fight to safeguard your rights?  In return, you will belong to an organization that promotes our safety education programs such as Share the Road, Rider Ed, and Two Wheel Trauma and to help maintain our fight against any unfair legislation that may be discriminatory toward motorcyclists.
District Coordinator: 
Denny Danks

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